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Advantages of twin-screw extruder process applied to aquatic feed and fish feed

Fish feed machine

1.Fish feed processed by extruder has the following advantages

(1)Fish feed production line can produce a wide variety of feed products, Feeds that can be processed include: feeds for feeding shrimp, crabs, eels, catfish, carp, frogs and other animals, as well as full-fat soybeans, cat and dog feeds, pet feeds, ornamental animal feeds and other special feeds.

(2)The fish feed production line can improve the feed conversion rate. Due to the instantaneous high-temperature processing of the materials, the gelatinization degree of the starch in the feed can be increased, which can reach 80-99%, which is more beneficial to animals, especially aquatic animals (because the intestinal tract of aquatic animals short and thin tract) digestion and absorption of feed.

(3)The fish feed produced by the extruder can improve the stability of the fish feed in the water. If the fish feed is not stable in the water, the feed will be decomposed in the water before the aquatic animals can eat it, which not only wastes the feed, but also pollutes the water quality.The stability of extruded feed in water can reach 12 hours, up to more than 24 hours, which is enough time for animals to eat

(4)Easy to control the density of fish feed, The extruder can produce floating feed, sinking feed and slow sinking feed, which is more conducive to the feed demand of animals in different water layers.

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