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  • Granule breakfast Corn Flake production line

    Granule breakfast Corn Flake production line

    1) Ingredients: The ingredients of corn flakes are very important. The seasoning must ensure a good taste, especially the requirements for corn raw materials. It is directly related to whether high-quality corn flakes can be made, and the ratio of various nutrients. content. 2) Extrusion maturation molding: The extrusion maturation molding process of corn flakes is the key to producing high-quality corn flakes. The process of corn flakes must be fully matured without any puffing, only in this way can we make corn flakes that are dense, hard and crisp, with outstanding flavor.

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  • Breakfast Cereal Corn Flake Processing line

    Breakfast Cereal Corn Flake Processing line

    Breakfast cereal corn flake processing machine is a new type of fast food, long storage time, easy to carry, not only can be eaten directly, but also can be processed into other foods. Can be mixed with cold milk and yogurt for breakfast Corn flakes are the most common cereal snack food in the world. The raw material for processing corn flakes is best to choose hard dent corn, because of its high horny endosperm content, high transparency after starch gelatinization, and good product appearance. When eating, prepare corn flakes granules with boiling water. If corn flakes are put into the prepared soup, it can be made into corn flake soup.

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