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  • Puffed Snow Flakes Bread Crumb Making Machine

    Puffed Snow Flakes Bread Crumb Making Machine

    1. The production process is fully automatic line from powder material to last product forming. 2.The advantage of the line : fewer worker investment; repeated use of raw materials, no waste;high efficiency and energy saving and lower manufacturing cost. 3. The bread crumb line is multi-functional line which can produce a variety of shapes of bread crumb like bread bran, needle, granular, snowflake, flake, star shape and other shapes. 4. the basic raw materials are more extensive, corn, rice, millet, wheat, flour, starch and other grains are applicable.

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  • Needle shaped Bread crumb production line

    Needle shaped Bread crumb production line

    1. The bread bran is a widely used food supplement, mainly used for western food fried steak, fried chicken legs and other fried ingredients. 2. Xilang automatic bread crumb production line from raw materials, puffed, hit bran, dry to the finished product assembly line operation, simple operation is less labor. 3. The surplus materials can be reused, no waste, reduces manufacturing costs and improves labor productivity.

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  • full-automatic bread crumbs processing line

    full-automatic bread crumbs processing line

    1. The production line is designed based on advanced extrusion technology, the production process has been fully automated, mixing, extrusion, cutting, crushing, drying completed at one time; 2. Simple equipment, small footprint, easy to operate; No waste, no sewage waste gas generation, green environmental protection; 3. A wider range of applicable raw materials, in addition to flour, can also use rice flour, corn flour, corn starch, soybean flour, etc.; It is easy to change the product variety and shape, and the product is more diverse.

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